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Clarice is trying to say hello to the baby :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 0 Harlod Clarice only wants to play a little ball :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 Now Clarice you won't be going anywhere :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 3 Honey look at how upset Clarice is with leaving us :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 0 Your a Pet Clarice not a person :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 How much would you sell Clarice for :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 Clarice is saying hello with her antenna :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 That's our little girl Clarice Steve :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 2 7 It's ok Suzie mummy's coming :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 2 3 The playground's door fell in on the babies :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 General Midas Supporters Learn that the Goliath :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 3 Ten Lane and high voltage :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 2 0 Croweded Mexico high voltage tower :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 0 Mexican mono pole high voltage tower with under bu :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 1 0 The Pet of Excess was the capstone of the Era :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 0 0 Ten lane highway bending :iconoceanrailroader:OceanRailroader 2 0


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What makes this funny is how in your artworks you have one sentence that tells what is going on in the photo. Also the one sentence act...



Clarice is trying to say hello to the baby
In this scene the Smiths trust Clarice enough to let Clarice reach out with her head lamp antenna to sense the baby. But the Smiths are a little surprised when Clarice tires to socialize with the baby by trying to lick it with some Aqua Social grooming. But as Clarence reaches with her tongue to lick their kid but before Clarice's tongue can touch the the baby they take the baby away from Clarice. This leaves Clarice very puzzled if she did anything bad or not.

The scope of this scene with the Smiths letting Clarice get up close to their baby is really a bad idea in Aqua keeping in that you don't know how your Aqua might react if you bring your small kid up to it. Most of the time your Aqua might try to hold your kid it's tail claws but in the worst case it might grab your kid with it's tail claws and swim away.

Naturally if you plan to have your small kids interact with your pet Aqua you might have to be prepared to kill the Aqua at a second's notice the minute it tries something to put your kids in danger.

Luckily for Clarice the Smiths trust Clarice enough to let her sense their baby with her Aqua antenna. Also at this time Clarice doesn't view the small kid as a rival.
Harlod Clarice only wants to play a little ball
In this scene Clarice coos and giggles for the Smiths to play some ball with her during what Clarice thinks is her time with the Smiths between 7.00PM and 8.00PM.

Harold Smith's wife asks Mr. Smith to spend a little time playing with Clarice for Clarice being such a good girl these last few days with the new human baby taking so much of their time.

Clarice is however worried that the new human baby brings her existence up into question. A lot of the neighborhood Aquas using their head lamp flashes are telling Clarice that she is on thin ice with the Smiths as of now with the new kid here.
Now Clarice you won't be going anywhere
In this early scene of Clarice the Aqua living by herself in the pre Alain era of her existence with the Smiths.

Clarice in this scene learns that for the last few weeks the human Smiths have had their first kid who is their daughter. Now they refer to their human daughter as their little girl and refer to Clarice as Clarice.

The Smiths due cut down the amount of time they spend with Clarice by 40% but they still show up for Clarice's hour of interaction at 7.00PM every night. The trouble is that ether Ms or Mr. Smith is not in the room with Clarice when ever their human kid is crying for attention or needs to be socialized with.

One of the biggest threats a pet Aqua even a very friendly one like Clarice is that a lot of times humans will always say is we have a baby on the way and don't have the time or room to keep our pet Aqua so we need to sell her or give her to a friend or let the Aqua Rescue match her with someone else on a play date to make room for the new baby on the way.

Aquas would suffer a lot more then a lot of other pets outside of boa constrictors  in terms of getting thrown out of the house to make room for new human babies. The most logical reason is the Aqua tank being most of the time tens of thousands of gallons of water in a large pool or tank. Not to mention the leading cause of Aqua related child deaths is small children getting trapped in the Aqua interaction tank while the Aqua and the Parents are not there. So naturally Clarice is really nervous when she learns that the human Smiths have their fist kid on the way.
Honey look at how upset Clarice is with leaving us
In this scene Mrs and Mr. Smith along with the Smith's small kids get upset when Mr. Jones offers up the idea of buying Clarice from them to sell to the Jones Family.

Clarice however starts crying and cooing and begging to stay.

Mr. Smith then says, "Don't worry Clarice we wouldn't sell you for cash due to us loving  you so much as our little girl who lives in our living room fish tank. Besides we need to keep fattening you up so we can eat you after a nuclear war if we ever ran out of food.
Your a Pet Clarice not a person
Naturally Clarice does understand what the possibility of being sold to new Aqua Owners. A lot of Aquas would talk about it at night with their system of head lamp flashing when a Aqua at a tank or pool was sold or bought to different human owners.

Clarice however having known Mr. Smith all of her life for the last twenty years says, "Daddy I don't want to go to my new owners the Jones I'm after all your little girl and a member of your family like any of your other human kids!"

The Jones were surprised that Clarice comprehend and even have decision like this.

Mr. Smith said, "Now Clarice don't worry about this my little girl you have to understand dear that you are after all a pet Aqua who lives in my living room aquarium and not a person who has to fend for their own food and job or pay rent to live here.


OceanRailroader's Profile Picture
Mr.Windy the Wind Turbine
United States
Well I like the Florida Key West Railroad old ocean railroad line and that is why I'm known as Ocean Railroader. I also like to make funny giant monster movies with the giant Bear market in the form of a giant Black Bear that eats banks and people. I also make youtube videos of the Toho Godzilla monsters fighting giant pokemon

Current Residence: Lock 1 on the Kanawha
Favourite genre of music: 80's oldies 1950-1970's Now to
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Monster Movies Pokemon
Operating System: old junker
Shell of choice: Steel 66 Maser Cannon
Wallpaper of choice: Insulators
Skin of choice: Steel
Favourite cartoon character: Pokemon Heroes Jonny Brovo
Personal Quote: The Lone Protector of the telegraph insulators

As for Art Requests I'm open to any ideas as long as they are with in my art style and type that I like doing.
Such as I don't mind drawing characters from TV shows as long as they act like they do in the show. I will also will not take requests for porn or things I don't like drawing.
Merry Christmas 2016 to everyone.

How is everyone's Christmas going?

I have big news as to why you have seen me making so many artworks with my original OC characters and universe. Over the last week or two I have been hit with a ton of original ideas and have improved my drawing skills to a point were I'm now going to undertake trying to create more original content then fan arts. But I still have tons of ideas for giant pony and Pokemon girl artworks. I've also gotton really big into the book of life's characters La Muerte and Maria so I have tons planned with them.

I have big plans of trying to post 6000 Deviations before New Years Morning.



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Here is a new Queen Chrissie artwork…
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