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What makes this funny is how in your artworks you have one sentence that tells what is going on in the photo. Also the one sentence act...



The mare mountain Luna comes the Lilliput Ball
The three giant mare mountains Luna along with Twilight Sparkle and Celestia are invited to the Lilliput Ball. Considering Prince Lotto really meant it that he would invite every maiden in the kingdom even the really tall maiden who had crash landed in Lilliput a few weeks ago and started eating everything.

Naturally a lot of the short lilliputian maidens are shocked when Luna shows up at the castle ways that barely reach up to her belly button.

The Lilliput Ball is like the one from Cinderella.

No lewd comments or I will block you or posting this on other websites.


A Stretch - Drawing Reference by TJStock

At least you two can become food togetter
Brim three starts training the Goliath Monster to be a Aqua killer. During this time it is revealed that Brim Three had a mean streak the size of a sun about Aquas. Brim Three doesn't want to simply exterminate the Aquas as a species he wants to treat it like a game.

In this scene Brim three eats a female farm raised Aqua but not before showing her the Goliath Monster eating her babies and ripping her mate in half.

Brim three's comments as at the time the female Aqua's mate tried to save there ten babies from the Goliath Monster when he started tail clawing the Goliath Monster in the face with his tail claws.

The twenty foot tall Goliath Monster grabbed the male Aqua and ripped him in half like he was nothing to the point that his head was still screaming and cooing.

Brim three said to the farm raised Aqua's I'm going to let you two become food today so that you two won't miss one another. After all mated pair of Aquas dies together should stay together.

A farm raised Aqua might be intelligent as a human but they still act like a farm animal considering the Brim's farms are the world they know. A Farm raised Aqua up till the day it's slaughtered will not know what danger is or starvation or that anything bad. Even when the Brim come to slaughter a farm raised Aqua it is viewed as very un brim like to play with the Aqua and play it with while it's being killed.
Ned's house in the 1980's
Ned Lineman's house a in the 1980's before the Yuppies moved in to build their 6,000 square foot mansions. Not to mention power demand was a lot lower back then so all the town needed to keep the lights on was a wooden pole 69,000 volt and a 115,000 volt double circuit to keep the the power on.
A Power Easement runs behind it
Milton Street the street that Clarice's human family and friends the Smiths and the Jones lived on along. Milton Street was not the posh neighborhood of two to five acre plots of land with giant $600,000 to 2,000,000 million dollar homes that lined it's neat and well paved streets and new sidewalks. Milton Street also didn't have the giant mansions along it having giant 100,000 gallon and then million gallon Aqua tanks being built along it.

Instead if you rewind the clocks 30 years ago the only real neighbor on Milton Street was Ned Lineman and his wife Tilly who lived in the small white house in the center. During those years in the early 1990's. Milton Street was lined with small houses considered working class by the snobby yuppies who moved in over time.

But during the small house years as Ned called them in the 1970's and 1990's the largest house on the block was 1600 square feet and only one story tall on a very large yard.

 But over time these small houses on large yards attracted the upper class suburban people  to buy up these small 1500 square foot houses and tear them down building up new giant 5,000 to 12,000 square foot giant  houses of Brim Glass.

In terms of Ned being there in the last 1,500 square foot house on the block the Smiths and the Jones along with a lot of others wanted nothing to do with Ned Lineman and viewed him as a animal or a type of working class specimen to be watched and studied. I mean for one thing Ned cut his own grass.

In terms of Ned's job of being a lineman a guy who builds and rebuilds power lines and replacing power poles and raising high voltage towers. Well Ned's Career kind of peed off the neighbors in till the power went out.

The reasoning why the rich snobby neighbor's hated Ned was before all these snobby morons moved in as Ned would call it. There used to be a 115,000 volt high voltage circuit on 70 foot wooden power poles running in the back of the houses in the 1970's and up till the 1970's.

The Trouble was the towns power demand kept rising due to all the sprawl and new houses. Also the power company retired a very old and filthy 1600 megawatt Coal burning Power Plant that Ned did not miss. Due to Ned's neighborhood being downwind of the coal plant and was why the houses were so cheap at the time due to Ned only being two miles away from it.

When the coal power plant was retired all the rich yuppies pored into the neighborhood and started buying up the houses and land and building Mc mansions. Ned didn't say much about it at the time. Power demand however kept rising and everyone wanted to import power from a giant 500 megawatt solar farm that was four hundred miles away so they built a 345,000 volt double circuit power line to ship in power. Naturally all the yuppies including the Smiths thought that the new hundred foot tall steel power line was Ned's fault when he said the reason why the houses are on giant lots is due to a old 1950's power line easement that was set aside for new power lines in the 1950's. Ned became enemy number one of the neighborhood.

The somewhat spoiled residents and their Aquas were however not to pleased when a 500,000 volt circuit had to be built due to a Brim Glass Processing Factory opening up thirty miles away. And the 500,000 volt line was needed to link the Brim Glass Factory to a high voltage substation sixty miles away. To Ned it was no big deal in that it was after all a power line easement but to the Smiths and everyone else they got even more madder when they heard news that there were talks of building a double circuit 765,000 volt line to take the growing stresses on the 500,000 volt line and the 345,000 volt line due to the Brim Glass Factory's growing production.
Clarissa and Stan's new Aqua Ready home
Clarissa and Stan explore the Johnson's new 150,000 gallon used Aqua Tank and house added on that was given to the Johnson's by Aqua Rescue. This was done so that the Johnson's wouldn't have to give up Clarissa and Stan and their five babies.


OceanRailroader's Profile Picture
Mr.Windy the Wind Turbine
United States
Well I like the Florida Key West Railroad old ocean railroad line and that is why I'm known as Ocean Railroader. I also like to make funny giant monster movies with the giant Bear market in the form of a giant Black Bear that eats banks and people. I also make youtube videos of the Toho Godzilla monsters fighting giant pokemon

Current Residence: Lock 1 on the Kanawha
Favourite genre of music: 80's oldies 1950-1970's Now to
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Monster Movies Pokemon
Operating System: old junker
Shell of choice: Steel 66 Maser Cannon
Wallpaper of choice: Insulators
Skin of choice: Steel
Favourite cartoon character: Pokemon Heroes Jonny Brovo
Personal Quote: The Lone Protector of the telegraph insulators

As for Art Requests I'm open to any ideas as long as they are with in my art style and type that I like doing.
Such as I don't mind drawing characters from TV shows as long as they act like they do in the show. I will also will not take requests for porn or things I don't like drawing.
Merry Christmas 2016 to everyone.

How is everyone's Christmas going?

I have big news as to why you have seen me making so many artworks with my original OC characters and universe. Over the last week or two I have been hit with a ton of original ideas and have improved my drawing skills to a point were I'm now going to undertake trying to create more original content then fan arts. But I still have tons of ideas for giant pony and Pokemon girl artworks. I've also gotton really big into the book of life's characters La Muerte and Maria so I have tons planned with them.

I have big plans of trying to post 6000 Deviations before New Years Morning.



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